2017 Wooden Boat Festival has ended

Wendy Hinman

Wendy Hinman spent seven years at sea, sailing 34,000 miles aboard her 31 foot cutter. After paying off their mortgage before they turned 40, Wendy and her husband, Garth Wilcox, set sail on an open ended journey that took them to 19 countries. They lived without many modern conveniences but discovered what was most important was working as a team and keeping a sense of humor. Before her seven-year voyage, Wendy taught sailing, raced and cruised extensively in the Pacific Northwestas well as the Hawaiian Islands, Chesapeake Bay, San Diego, Greece and the Virgin Islands. Wendy Hinman is the author of the recently published Sea Trials as well as Tightwads on the Loose, a successful adventure book. http://www.wendyhinman.com/