2017 Wooden Boat Festival has ended

Karl Kruger

Karl always knew he could do it, so did his family. Most of the rest of us fell somewhere between skeptical and lacking the frame of reference broad enough to include that a SUP to Alaska was even a possibility. Seriously, remember the first time you heard SUP and R2AK in the same sentence? Regardless of how far the scales of your opinions tipped towards skepticism, if you’re like us, your judgment was stayed at least momentarily by a healthy dose of “Really? That’s a thing?”

As much as Karl stayed the same the rest of us transformed with each stroke, gale, wafer, and cheeseburger that brought him closer to the finish. Our disbelief never wavered, even now it’s mostly intact. But whatever skepticism we had was displaced with the kind of enthusiasm that started with a shake of the head, a smile as we tucked in the tracker for a reluctant good night, and building to the hoots of enthusiasm, punching your co-workers in the shoulder, hugging whoever was nearby as he rang the bell, wiping tears of joy as he embraced his wife and daughter for the first time. He had done it. This apparently was a thing and for whatever reason it mattered.  Karl Kruger - Team Heart of Gold.

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Sunday, September 10

10:45am PDT