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Aruna Piroshki

I am an artist; born in Egypt to British parents and brought up in the UK. I studied architecture at University College, London, where I met my partner, Wayland, in 1969. Some years later after several adventures, we decided to build a boat to sail to America. Our design for the catamaran had "hulls like skiis and a deck like a raft, ribs like a fish and a skin like a whale and the most extraordinary wings for a sail". Just as it was finished our daughter was born, and sailed with us at 7 months old. A journey of 8 years brought us to the West coast of Mexico where we settled in a small village on Banderas Bay. For 20 years we have been here, working with the indigenous Huichol people in spinning and weaving and running a screen printing shop. Two years ago an unfortunate accident left my partner, Wayland, temporarily incapacitated but has made us direct our energies into finishing this film and presenting the following story:

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, September 8

11:00am PDT

Saturday, September 9

11:30am PDT